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Russian Roulette Russian Roulette

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Can't you face it?

i though you would be a bit more serious for a 17 year old kid but since you want it to play it that way...

1. If the SS has no other point than to gather a bunch of rushed flash animations and bombard newgrounds with these sorry excuses for flash work then yes, all of those 100+ members should be banned for wasting the bandwith as well as the user's time on these compiled crap.

2.You sure musta been a pussy at 5 to cry a river over a black widow bite ;)

3. Repeating myself yet again, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ?! the SS fucked with the system and got busted. Now you mean to tell me that, all that should be considered lightly and that the SS should be forgiven for all their actions? Thats kinda like having a group of hackers completely fuck up the message board and still have the impudence of coming back after getting busted while acquiring new members while saying " Sorry :)". I dont want to insult you or anything but i think that its plain stupid to expect the mods and Wade to leave you guys clean after all that.

Since you seem to have alot of time on your hand, take some of it to work on your flash or drawing technique and ditch these losers. Ull have a far better outcome progressing alone than with a bunch of retards dragging you down with their bad rep.

Later kid.

f0d responds:

1. Why don't you watch my flashes shin? I spent a lot of time on them. Also go take a look at some other submissions from daily day, like any one of xtil's flashes. Theyre incredible.
2. You can very easily die from a black widow bite. It swells up really big and turns black and shit.. nasty as hell. You also get very sick from it. I'm starting to wonder if you even know what a black widow is
3. You have extreme opinions. Hey after we ban the whole SS, while we're at it, lets ban the clock crew for mass voting back in 2001 even though they are now an affiliate site! Oh yes what a great idea! Let's delete several hundered, if not a thousand, clock users simply for being apart of an internet group! YEAH!

And I don't know who has more time on their hands... the user who goes out of his way, to a different flash, to make a response to a review, or the guy who takes a little time out of college searches to tend to his flash on NG.
As for the SS, they are really cool guys. I like the fact that they dont take the internet seriously. We're just here to piss some people off, and have a little fun.

Star wars madness request Star wars madness request

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

What was that?

That could have been a perfect setup or preview of what there is to come. But man, this thing isnt complete. You're only showing short parts of full fights and thats it. I dunno what you had it mind but if you need krinkel's acceptance to make some madness movies, drop the madness theme and do your own shit as you obviously had a great idea from the start but it got cutted down. Im sure ull be better off not playing with the madness theme.

MarkArandjus responds:

Those werwen't cuts of the full fights.
Those were done espetially for this.
The whole thing is gonna be done from scratch.
And no I'm not dropping the Madness, but I'm planning of making my own star wars thing.
Thanks for reviewing

Catfight Catfight

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Its not so bad, i just thing you dragged on some of the scenes. Like the training sequence.... i mean, we got the point when we saw him near the beach, meditating and if you kept that scene for only 20 secs or less it would have seemed less long, just like the battle itself, yes it was funny to see how 'useful: the training was ^it did made me smirk^ but you dragged the joke/event a bit too long for it to remain tasteful.

Also you did do well in you animation but the music just didnt fit for some parts in the movie. I dunno why you kept only 1 single song, but if you diversified the music to emphasise some events like the battles, it would have gotten ya some extra attention on the scene.

Anywy, good one, but i found it boring for the whole dragging on, the rest is chill.

Keep it up.

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Beat up Jobu!!! Beat up Jobu!!!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Really sorry but this was an amazing attempt. You really did recreate the game perfectly, a bit too simular.... From that you could have added your own style and some crazy add ones to the fight but this is just too simular to the game, even the sounds are the same. Still, awesome scripting you did a very good job at doing a simular scripting than the GBA game and thats what is getting you the 6 points from me. If you can, next time add some more personality and custom stuff to give it a fresher look.

Keep it up.

gszauer responds:

I will, im gonna use this as an engine for an upcoming game called "the dark tournament" I just gotta find someone to do graphics for me...

Onigirl DDR 11'th Hard! Onigirl DDR 11'th Hard!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


What is that, midi music for a DDR Game? What are you thinking ?! You keep releasing those every day but you never actually though of putting them together in a nice interactive menu which might have made the whole thing less of a waste of time that it already is. Personally i prefer playing ddr on the pad, much harder, better mp3 quality music and much more style design wise, cause your stuff is only a bunch of arrows on a black screen, no background animation, no crowd cheer, no nothing. If you really wanted to do a good remix of the game we woulda had more personalised add-ons. But meh, this just comes out plain and boring in the end. Oh and if you're crying right now, good. Take it like a man and respect the constructive critics.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I like it, fun, passes the time, new sick ways to kill people. Hm ok seriously.

Great graphics, coulda had more special effects but the ones there are already great.
Love the sound nearly existant for everything in sight xcept for the people in panic.
As for interavtivity, the system was great for a past work, woulda liked if there were more weapons or ways to eleminate the humans tough.
Style, nothing to say ...
Violence, still asking for more.
Humor, well apart for the probing thing which was kinda sick, laughing evily at those poor humans being crushed lasted a while.

Last thing, on level one, even if you break the shredder, it comes back if you drop a human at the same place as it was and how the heck do we beat lv 3 ? Poke him in the eye ?

Good work.